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Small Business & Retail

Flexible scheduling, detailed reports, and an emphasis on employee and customer safety.

Retail buildings and small business offices and facilities have a special emphasis on fire and safety apparatus for the protection of their customers, and CTS is well-acquainted with the many specifics of ensuring that these buildings are optimized for maximum safety and preparedness in case of emergency. From hazardous shipments or inventory to making sure exit routes in large stores are clearly marked, our experience allows us to identify potential hazards and take the proper measures for ensuring total safety for employees and customers alike, according to all the requirements of NFPA standards.

For small businesses, our consultative perspective can be beneficial in making sure that every aspect of your building is up to code and will pass inspections with flying colors. We understand the busy and often hectic schedules of small business owners, and taking the time to make sure you check every NFPA box for fire and safety can be daunting—so let CTS take care of it for you.

For retail stores in several locations, we can coordinate servicing multiple facilities to ensure that you are up to code and completely prepared everywhere your business is located.

Let’s talk about your retail or small business building and find out how CTS can help you Expect More with your fire and safety service!

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